Central Vacuum Units

    At Geek Vacuums, we only stock the finest central vacuum brands such as VacuMaid, Duovac, CanaVac, and Beam. Whether you're looking for durability or affordability, we have options for everyone. Central vacuums offer improved air quality, and stronger suction, and can even boost your home's value.

    Easy-to-Understand Guide to Central Vacuum Systems

    Central vacuum systems are perfect for keeping your house clean and reducing dust, pollen, and allergens. They're straightforward to install in any home and simple to use, with various models available. Explore our popular central vacuums and complete packages for an all-in-one solution, and feel free to ask our team any questions about setup or care.

    Why Choose a Central Vacuum?

    Central vacuums, typically set up in a garage or basement, enhance your home's value and offer more convenience than traditional vacuums. Perfect for homes, boats, RVs, and campers, these systems are celebrated for their strong suction, efficient motors, and excellent filtration. They're easier to handle and quieter, and many who switch never return to standard vacuums. Installation can be managed by those with some DIY skills or by professional services.

    Understanding Central Vacuum Varieties

    Bagged Central Vacuum: Captures dust and particles in a disposable bag, promoting cleaner air and extending the motor's life without needing outdoor venting.

    Bagless Central Vacuum: Low maintenance with no need for bag replacements, maintaining strong suction as the canister fills.

    Cyclonic Central Vacuum: Utilizes cyclonic separation, venting smaller particles outside, virtually maintenance-free.

    Compact Central Vacuum: Ideal for smaller spaces with easy installation, offering comparable suction to larger units.

    Wet-Dry Central Vacuum: Handles dry and wet messes, versatile for cleaning carpets, upholstery, and even car interiors.

    Veterinary and Hair Salon Central Vacuums: Commercial-grade systems designed for heavy-duty use with large capacity and minimal maintenance.

    Kitchen and Allergy Central Vacuums: Specific models cater to kitchen messes or offer superior filtration for allergy sufferers.

    Choosing the Right Filtration

    Bagged with HEPA: Offers clean and hygienic filtration, capturing nearly all particles. Disposable bags should be changed regularly to maintain suction.

    Cartridge Filtration: Superior airflow with cyclonic action, capturing finer dust. Filters need cleaning or replacement when dirty.

    Bagless with Inverted Filter: Utilizes a self-cleaning, soft material filter to prevent dust from reaching the motor, requiring minimal maintenance.

    Maximizing Your System with Accessories

    The right parts and accessories can significantly enhance your cleaning experience. From inlet valves and floor attachments to specialized tools, Geek Vacuums offers a comprehensive selection to ensure you have everything you need.

    For the finest central vacuum systems and expert advice, visit Geek Vacuums. Each system has a factory warranty, and we offer additional maintenance and servicing. If you have any questions or feel overwhelmed by the choices, please call us at 1-833-382-2886.

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