How to install A

wally flex central vacuum valet

WallyFlex is a practical central vacuum tool to put in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, or workshop. It's an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuums that is always there when needed.

WallyFlex's design makes cleaning extremely easy and installation simple. The hose stretches to 14 feet and standard attachments fit directly on WallyFlex. Installing one is like adding an additional inlet valve to your wall. The same pipe, fittings, low-voltage wire, and backing plate create the new valve. Wally Flex has everything you need to install it on a standard backing plate. Depending on your current setup, this job should take less than an hour.  

Pro Tip: Make sure that the chosen location is fully accessible for the installation of pipes and low voltage wire (to the central vacuum unit). Put the valve at or around light switch height, so Wally Flex is easy to use. Install the piping and low-voltage wiring according to your central vacuum manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you have any questions or need help with your installation, feel free to message us photos of your current setup through our website or contact us at 1-833-382-2886.

follow these steps:

1. Unplug your central vacuum

2. Splice the low-voltage wire from Wally Flex into the existing low-voltage wire that runs along the pipe. There is often a preexisting splice near other three-way junctions that you can tie into.

3. Align and insert the extension on the back of the console into the inlet hole on the mounting plate.

4. Attach the WallyFlex mounting plate with the provided screws. If a 90-degree elbow is directly behind the wall inlet mounting plate, you must use ONE inch-and-a-quarter screw and ONE inch-and-a-half screw rather than using TWO inch-and-a-half screws. To avoid piercing the fitting, use the shorter screw for the hole opposite the elbow.

5. Pass the low-voltage wires through the opening at the back of the console.

6. Attach the console to the mounting plate using the THREE, three-quarter inch screws provided.

7. Close the front panel of the console, ensuring the tabs on the door and console are aligned properly. 

8. Carefully lower the console cover and tighten the screws in the back. 

9. Once the console is installed, turn the central vacuum unit back on.

10. Insert the hose into the bottom of the console, and secure it by rotating the hose clockwise until it clicks.

11. Insert the nozzle into the console, and your Wally Flex is installed and ready to use. 

12. To test it out, remove the nozzle from the WallyFlex console. Pull the switch located on the right side of the console. This will activate the central vacuum unit. 

Now you are all set for quick and easy cleaning anywhere in your home!

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