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We are here to answer your questions about transitioning from or maintaining your NuTone central vacuum system. 

With a rich history, NuTone once stood as a beacon of quality in the central vacuum manufacturing industry. However, recent changes, including a shift from durable, American-made, all-metal units to less reliable, all-plastic models with overseas electrical components, have raised questions about quality and longevity. 

Our comprehensive FAQ section addresses your concerns, from compatibility with existing systems to the durability and performance of new versus old models. Whether you're considering upgrading your system or seeking parts and accessories for your existing NuTone setup, we've got you covered with expert advice and insights to ensure your home continues to benefit from efficient and effective central vacuuming.

Nutone Central Vacuum

Common Questions

Why don’t you carry NuTone central vacuums?

NuTone used to be one of the most well-known central vacuum manufacturers. In the later years, the Nutone Central vacuum company did away with the American-made, all-metal units such as the CV350, CV352, CV 353, CV400, CV450, CV750, CV850, CV653, and CV570. After that, they produced an all-plastic series with electrical components from overseas. It was quickly retired due to quality issues. Several years ago, NuTone’s central vacuum division was bought out by another central vacuum manufacturer. We provide many parts, bags, and accessories for customers who currently have a NuTone built-in vacuum installed. 

Can I switch from a NuTone central vacuum to another brand without changing the piping or attachments?

Yes, central vacuum systems are designed with universal compatibility for pipes and fittings allowing easy installation of units from most manufacturers. The hose kits are more specific so see links below for compatible units and Hose Kits that will work with your NuTone system. 
Central Vacuum Units: 

Will a new NuTone central vacuum last as long as the older models?

It's uncertain. Older NuTone models were noted for their durability, typically lasting 25-30 years, due to their American-made components. Newer models, now using parts manufactured in China, may not match the quality and longevity of their predecessors. We recommend the following central vacuum brands to replace a NuTone central vacuum:

If I switch from NuTone, will I need new cleaning attachments?

No, your current attachments are universal and compatible with any central vacuum brand you choose as a replacement. The new kits available are much better at cleaning carpet. Check our guide to make sure you are purchasing the correct kit.

Why are new NuTone central vacuums more affordable?

The price reduction is attributed to lower manufacturing costs from overseas production, potentially affecting quality.

Does NuTone provide a lifetime warranty on its central vacuums?

No, NuTone no longer offers a lifetime warranty, only providing a limited warranty on their new product line.

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