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Since its inception in the early 1950s, BEAM has been a prominent name in the central vacuum industry, known for its powerful yet quiet vacuum units thanks to the Quiet Pak™ sound insulation. Its central vacuum systems feature self-cleaning GORE-TEX® filters that effectively reduce allergy symptoms, cyclonic filtration for high-efficiency dirt and allergen separation, and HEPA filters that self-clean and capture 98% of tiny particles, extending motor life without needing bag replacements. 

The systems also include the On-Guard™ dirt receptacle with AlphaSan® to prevent bacterial growth and maintain performance. BEAM's comprehensive vacuum systems are designed for both residential and commercial use.

Explore Our Beam Central Vacuum Collections: Serenity Series for Quiet Efficiency & Alliance Series for Advanced Cleaning Technology

This lineup has five unique central vacuums, each one tailored to nail the cleaning game on different surfaces. The starter model can tackle dirt in spaces up to 3,500 square feet, while the heavyweight champ, the Serenity SC3500, can handle up to 12,000 square feet of cleaning. If you're looking for a vacuum series that's got it all - quiet operation, convenience, and powerful cleaning across all home sizes - the Beam Serenity Series has got you covered.

The Beam Alliance Series elevates the cleaning experience by combining powerful suction with smart technology and HEPA air filtration, making it ideal for those who prioritize both cleanliness and air quality. While the Serenity Series emphasizes quiet and effective cleaning for different surfaces, the Alliance Series stands out for its technological enhancements and superior air purification.

Experience The Quiet Efficiency Of The Beam Serenity Series

The Beam Serenity Series focuses on quiet operation and efficiency across five models, designed for various home sizes with capabilities ranging from 3,500 to 12,000 square feet.

Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation

Experience unparalleled silence during operation with our advanced Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation. This technology significantly reduces noise levels, making our vacuums exceptionally quiet compared to the competition through sophisticated soundproofing measures.

Utility Valve

Effortlessly tackle messes in garages, basements, or your vehicle by utilizing the built-in inlet valve. Simply connect a hose directly to the unit to initiate cleanup in these areas, streamlining the process for efficient and convenient cleaning.

Self-Cleaning Filter

Eliminate the hassle of filter maintenance with the innovative Gore® Self-Cleaning Filter. Designed to automatically clean itself each time the vacuum is powered down, this feature ensures optimal performance without the need for manual cleaning.

Powerful Cleaning for Any Home Size

Catering to a wide range of home sizes, these built-in vacuums boast a powerful cleaning capacity with airwatts ranging from 550 to 1045. Capable of servicing homes from 3,500 to 12,000 square feet, the Serenity series ensures that regardless of your home's size, there is a model perfectly suited to meet your cleaning needs.

Anti-Vibration Mounting System

Serenity central vacuums are equipped with an Anti-Vibration Mounting System, designed to secure the unit firmly in place while in operation. This feature not only stabilizes the vacuum but also minimizes noise by eliminating bothersome rattles, enhancing the user experience.

Twist-Lock Bucket

The Twist-Lock bucket system simplifies the task of emptying the vacuum. A simple twist unlocks the bucket, allowing for quick and easy disposal of contents, and a secure lock ensures everything is back in place for continued use, streamlining the cleaning process.

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Discover the Beam Alliance Series: High-Tech Central Vacuuming Redefined

Check out the Beam Alliance Series if you're after a central vacuum system that's top-notch, combining powerful cleaning with smart tech for a super convenient experience. This system boasts HEPA air filtration, making it a standout choice for keeping your air clean.

Smart Screens Galore

The Alliance's smart screen system, complete with a 360° LED light ring, keeps you in the loop with the vacuum's performance and needs.

Self-Cleaning Filter

Thanks to its special BEAM filter with GORE-TEX, it catches 98% of stuff like dust and pet dander. Plus, it keeps the motor running smoothly, no matter how full the dirt bucket gets.

No-Fuss Bucket

Emptying the dirt is a breeze with the Press & Release Bucket. Just press, release and it's done. Plus, you can see when it's time to empty it through the translucent bucket.

Quiet Operation

BEAM has worked out how to keep things super quiet, thanks to special insulation and a muffler system.

Allergen Filtration

The HE Allergen Filter is a champ at trapping allergens and other tiny particles, helping make your home healthier.

Quick Clean Valve

A handy valve that's easy to open for those quick tidy-ups, letting you turn on the system right from the hose handle.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

Do I need to stick with the Beam brand to replace my central vacuum?

No, you can replace your Beam central vacuum with any brand. Newer models may offer better filtration, quality, and value. Choose based on desired features like suction power, quality, warranty, and materials. Check out our VacuMaid, CanaVac, and DuoVac central vacuum units.

Will replacing my Beam central vacuum require changes to my home setup?

No changes are needed for your home's inlets or attachments. You simply install a new unit and connect it to the existing intake line. For assistance, contact us at 


Is replacing my Beam central vacuum unit something I can do myself?

Yes, installation is easy and takes about 15-20 minutes. Disconnect your old Beam unit, remove it, and mount the new unit with its bracket. Reconnect the intake line and low-voltage wires, then power up the new vacuum. A professional installer is not required, but we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to call us at 1-833-382-2886.

What should I do if my Beam central vacuum unit won't start?

Here are the steps to troubleshoot starting issues with your Beam central vacuum unit:

1. Begin by flipping the switch on the side of the unit to the manual position. The unit should power on immediately. If it does, move to step 2. If not, contact us at 1-833-382-2886 for assistance.

2. Disconnect the low-voltage wires from your vacuum unit.

3. Ensure the unit's side switch is set to Auto and that its power cord is connected to a power outlet. It's also wise to check if the circuit breaker or fuse for the outlet hasn't been tripped.

4. Use needle-nose pliers to gently squeeze inside the port where you disconnected the low-voltage wires. If the unit powers on, reconnect the wires and proceed to step 5. Should the unit fail to start, reach out to us.

5. Check inside each wall valve (where the hose connects) for two contact pins. These pins should contact the metal ring on the hose's end when inserted. Beginning with the valve nearest to the unit, open the valve door and use a spoon or a quarter to touch both pins at once. If the unit starts, proceed to the next valve until all are checked. If the unit fails to start at any point, contact us for help.

6. After following the above steps, try inserting your hose into a wall valve. If the unit or powerhead doesn't activate, contact us at 1-833-382-2886 for assistance.

Remember: Always start troubleshooting at the vacuum and work your way back to the hose. Any failure points you encounter will likely indicate where the issue resides.

What should I do if my Beam central vacuum unit won't turn off?

To troubleshoot a Beam central vacuum unit that remains on:

1. Verify that the unit is set to Auto mode and ensure no hoses are connected to any wall valves.

2. Disconnect the low-voltage wire at the side of the unit. If the unit keeps running, the issue lies with a faulty relay on the circuit board, necessitating a replacement of the entire board. However, if the unit stops when you disconnect the low-voltage wire, it indicates a short or pinch in the low-voltage wiring within your system. In this case, contact us at 1-833-382-2885.

What should I do if my Beam central vacuum system is clogged?

Here's how to address a clogged built-in vacuum system:

1. Empty the dirt container.

2. Use the manual switch on the side of the unit to activate the unit.

3. Begin with the wall valve nearest to the unit, open its door, and release a tissue from your hand into it. If the tissue travels back to the dirt container, move on to the next valve. Should the tissue not reach the dirt container at any valve, it's possible there's a blockage. You can attempt to clear the blockage by using a different vacuum to create suction at this valve, or you can contact us at 1-833-382-2886.

GeekVacuums is an Authorized Dealer for Beam Central Vacuum Systems. There may be certain restrictions on the sale of Beam Central Vacuum Systems and Beam Products. Should you need to find a Beam dealer in your vicinity, we invite you to contact us for support at 1-833-382-2886.