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Discover Why The NY Times Named SEBO "Best Vacuum 2024"

The New York Times Wirecutter has highlighted SEBO’s exceptional performance, emphasizing its unmatched durability and superior cleaning capabilities. Praised for their solid construction and powerful suction, SEBO vacuums have been recognized as the go-to choice for discerning homeowners who value quality and longevity. Experience the models celebrated for their ease of use, innovative design, and exceptional cleaning power that make SEBO synonymous with vacuuming excellence.

Meet the Sebo Felix Premium

The SEBO FELIX Premium upright vacuum cleaners offer all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in an upright configuration. With a 180° swivel head and a 6-inch flat-to-the-floor profile, it can clean anywhere, any surface, from hard floors to carpets and delicate rugs. 

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Unleash the versatility and efficiency of the SEBO Dart 

This stylish and ultra-quiet vacuum features a flexible 12-inch-wide ET-1 power head with four-level manual height adjustment, ideal for both carpets and hard floors. It excels at removing pet hair and includes a unique L-shaped contour for easy cleaning under counters. The SEBO Dart also offers a detachable suction unit that transforms into a powerful hand-held vacuum, complete with two on-board attachments and a range of optional accessories. Experience comprehensive cleaning without the bells and whistles of the FELIX model but with all the essential features you need.


Revolutionizing Home Cleaning with Advanced Technology and User-Friendly Features

the SEBO X-Series Difference: Where Design Meets Durability

The Automatic X4, X4 Boost, X7 Premium, X7 Pet, and X8 models are each tailored to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance.

The Automatic X4 and its enhanced version, the X4 Boost, are equipped with 12-inch power heads and boast genuine automatic height adjustment for optimal cleaning efficiency. The X4 Boost sets itself apart with a dual-mode brush roller aggressiveness option, allowing for customized cleaning on various surfaces.

Automatic X7 Premium and X7 Pet

The Automatic X7 Premium and Automatic X7 Pet vacuums come with a 12-inch power head, 40-foot power cord, LED headlights, and automatic height adjustment for optimal performance on all floor types. They also feature an instant-use cleaning wand and a lifetime belt warranty. Both models have three on-board tools and are excellent at removing pet hair. The X7 Premium allows you to switch between two brush roller modes for deeper carpet cleaning. The X7 Pet includes a turbo brush and a special microfilter to tackle pet odors, making it ideal for pet owners. 

Automatic X8

The SEBO Automatic X8 boasts an L-shaped floorhead and a 15" wide cleaning path, designed for extensive coverage and effective edge cleaning. It features a true automatic height adjustment controlled by an electronic controller that measures the brush roller's resistance against the floor. This controller adjusts the powerhead's height to optimize cleaning effectiveness on various surface types.

Essential G4 and G5

The ESSENTIAL G-Series delivers exceptional performance and durability for home and commercial use, featuring manual four-level brush height adjustment and available in 12-inch and 15-inch sizes. Ideal for carpets and hard floors, it excels at pet hair removal and includes an electronic controller for maintenance alerts and an automatic shut-off to prevent blockage damage. Additional features include an instant-use wand, scratch-resistant finish, tool-free brush roller removal, and a 40-foot power cord, making it a robust, user-friendly choice for comprehensive cleaning.

The MECHANICAL Series vacuums are built for durability and high performance, making them perfect for commercial use. These vacuums minimize electrical components, boosting reliability and simplifying maintenance. The 300 MECHANICAL (12-inch) and 350 MECHANICAL (14-inch) efficiently clean both carpets and hard surfaces. Features include a foot-activated on/off switch on the power head and an externally mounted power cord for tool-free replacement. Easy access to parts further streamlines maintenance, positioning the MECHANICAL series as a premier choice for long-lasting and effective cleaning solutions.

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