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Experience clean, uncontaminated air with the market's sole, clinically validated air purifier. In official tests, our product surpassed over 100 different purifiers. Our system integrates activated carbon with the medical-grade HEPA technology endorsed by the CDC, EPA, and WHO. A diverse group, including doctors, educators, elite athletes, first responders, and parents, trust us for their health and air quality needs.

What Makes Austin Air Different?

Medical Grade Testing

The Medical Grade HEPA used in all Austin Air filters has been independently certified to remove 99.97% of particles.

Filter Specifications

An extensive review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), compared all available air cleaning technologies. 

Clinical Trials

The only air purifier company that collaborates with research institutions for clinical studies on our products. 

Non-Toxic Materials

Austin Air Systems constructs its machines using steel and nontoxic powder-coated paint. Additionally, Austin purifiers don't emit off-gassing or dangerous ozone.

All of our purifiers and replacement filters 

are FSA and HSA Reimbursable

As seen in...

Common Household Air Concerns

Chemicals, Gases, and VOCs

Viruses and Bacteria

Austin Air Model Comparison

It's what's on the inside that counts

All four Austin Air purifiers offer commendable baseline features, including adept handling of common airborne pollutants. Each model caters to your specific needs, such as enhanced chemical removal (HealthMate Plus®), sleep quality improvement (Bedroom Machine®), or targeted allergen management (Allergy Machine®).

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