Austin Air Bedroom Machine® Medical Grade HEPA

Austin Air Bedroom Machine® Medical Grade HEPA

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The Austin Air Bedroom Machine® is engineered to safeguard your breathing space. Data from two distinct clinical studies reveal its potent capability in eradicating harmful airborne pollutants within residential spaces. Utilizing Medical Grade HEPA technology, it is substantiated to eliminate up to 99% of all airborne impurities, as minute as 0.1 microns, encompassing viruses*, bacteria, dust, dander, and allergens. Furthermore, its singular carbon blend filter fortifies protection against chemicals, VOCs, and gases. Ensure your bedroom air remains pristine and embrace the restful sleep you merit.

Who is The Bedroom Machine® by Austin Air Suitable For?

  • Individuals seeking a shield against viruses and bacteria
  • People experiencing sleep issues or unsatisfactory sleep quality
  • Persons dealing with COPD, allergies, and nocturnal asthma attacks
  • Anyone desiring to enhance their general health and wellness

Health Advantages

  • Mitigation of viral load to diminish infection risk or disease severity
  • Amplification of the immune system
  • Attainment of tranquil, undisturbed, and superior sleep quality
  • Reduction in snoring
  • Alleviation of allergies and asthma attacks during the night
  • Mitigation of coughing, wheezing, and sneezing
  • Decrease in dry mouth and nasal congestion

Why Opt for The Bedroom Machine® by Austin Air?

  • Medical-grade HEPA efficiently eliminates 99% of airborne viruses of at least 0.1 microns in size
  • Our most exhaustive air purifier, featuring a fifth stage of HEGA filtration, aiding in the elimination of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and gases
  • A carbon blend designed to filter gases, odors, and VOCs
  • Engineered to enhance sleep quality
  • Ensures your bedroom remains fresh and pristine

Research Insights

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine® has proven its efficacy in clinical trials conducted at the University of John Hopkins by reducing Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels in residential environments. NO2, a gas frequently found in homes using gas stoves, can be perilous for individuals with COPD, exacerbating symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness.

In the study, NO2 levels were significantly reduced — a 27% decrease in the kitchen and, within a week, a 23% reduction in the bedroom, maintaining these lowered levels throughout the study duration.

A subsequent study at Johns Hopkins placed the Bedroom Machine® in homes of pregnant women or those with infants, all living with a smoker. The results were again noteworthy. It was clinically validated that utilizing an Austin Air Bedroom Machine® effectively eradicates indoor pollutants, including nicotine, from the home environment.

*Covid-19 is a new strain of virus that remains untested as of yet. However, the Medical Grade HEPA technology used in our filters is proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns.

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