Austin Air HealthMate Plus® Air Purifier Medical Grade HEPA

Austin Air HealthMate Plus® Air Purifier Medical Grade HEPA

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The Austin Air Healthmate Plus® employs Medical Grade HEPA technology that proficiently filters out up to 99% of bacteria and aerosolized viruses* measuring over 0.1 microns. It also eradicates a comprehensive assortment of gases, chemicals, VOCs, and formaldehyde. Thanks to its wide-ranging adsorption capabilities, it stands out as the optimal selection for individuals encountering wildfire smoke and provides dentists, along with their patients, a safeguard against airborne pollutants.


Who Is the Ideal User for HealthMate Plus®?

  • Dental professionals seeking to mitigate aerosolized viruses larger than 0.1 microns and additional environmental contaminants
  • Individuals requiring a potent solution for eliminating wood-burning smoke, formaldehyde, and other harmful VOCs
  • Persons afflicted by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
  • Those navigating pre-existing health issues
  • Residents or workers in areas with high levels of particle and gas contamination


Health Advantages

  • Diminishing the viral presence to minimize infection risk or disease severity
  • Alleviating headaches and minimizing nausea from chemical exposure
  • Fortifying the immune system
  • Mitigating coughing, wheezing, and sneezing
  • Decreasing incidents of dry mouth and runny nose
  • Enhancing sleep quality
  • Reducing snoring
  • Mitigating nighttime allergies and asthma episodes


Why Choose HealthMate Plus®?

  • Medical-grade HEPA proficiently eradicates 99% of airborne viruses measuring 0.1 microns and above
  • Engineered for environments with significant indoor air contamination
  • Highly efficient in purifying the air of formaldehyde, smoke elements, dust, and pollens
  • Superior ability to eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Effective in filtering bacteria


*Covid-19 is a new strain of virus that as yet, remains untested. However, the Medical Grade HEPA technology used in our filters is proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. 

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