The vacuum cleaner world has changed - a lot. In the old days, you had sturdy vacuum cleaners, often built with metal or composite frames and maybe a cloth body with a bag inside. The controls also tended to be a lot different with analog build and design. In contrast, everything is now made with little digital displays and chips inside. These days, you're more likely to find plastic models with no bag and a plastic container for whatever gets sucked up by the vacuum.

There are some pros and cons to each of these models. Let's talk about why some people prefer the old vacuuming method and why others utilize newer modern vacuum cleaner designs. We have vacuum cleaners that our customers rely on for excellent results each time they are used. 

Pros of Bagged Vacuuming

When you're vacuuming into a disposable bag, you can dispose of that bag without getting everything else released back into the air. With bagless vacuums, you often have to take the thing outside to open it because you'll get dust and floating debris billowing out from wherever you release the lid. So if you have a HEPA filter in the vacuum, you get a certain level of sanitation inside. Still, if you open that vacuum inside, some of that is coming back to you!

Another benefit of bagged cleaning is that there is an easier way to empty the entire system than just shaking something upside down. It's a "no muss, no fuss" method, in the words of some of the old ads that sold these models. 

Cons of Bagged Vacuuming

The bags might not be very ecological in some of the old vacuum cleaner systems. You may be adding considerably to waste and single-use disposal footprints. With bagless vacuums, you don't have to buy bags, and you don't have to throw them away. You can dispose of what's vacuumed up without creating additional waste.With these designs, you may have to wash HEPA filters and work on your vacuum with considerable maintenance over time. Look at the manuals for more detailed information. Don't skip necessary maintenance, or you will find yourself back again, credit card in hand!

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