The Top Reasons to Switch to a Central Vacuum

Let’s be honest; most of us feel vacuuming is daunting. It can mean tripping over cords, inhaling dust while dumping out the canister, or finding a time to vacuum when the noise doesn’t disturb everyone in the house. Installing a central vacuum removes these obstacles and makes cleaning your home much easier. However, most homeowners have never heard of a central vacuum, or if they have, they don’t realize that having one is feasible and inexpensive. They think they can only be installed when building a new house and that installing a central vacuum system in an existing home means tearing down walls, which is not the case. The pipes are fed through the basement, attic, or crawlspace walls, and any holes are covered with an inlet backing plate, which blends seamlessly with the wall just like an outlet or light switch cover does. After installation, the system is used by plugging the lightweight hose and power brush unit into a wall inlet. The power button is located on the handle of the hose, you don't have to go to wherever the main unit is to turn the system on. You simply put the hose unit in the inlet and begin vacuuming.

Consider these reasons to ditch the traditional vacuum and make the switch to a central vacuum:
• Lightweight and easy to use
• No power cord to drag around
• No more cumbersome machine to maneuver around furniture • More powerful suction
• Cleaner air inside of your home
• Less frequent need to empty the bag
• Costs less over time
• Adds to the value of your home

Easy to Use
Central vacuums are super easy to use. No more lugging a vacuum around the house with you! This is especially nice if your home is large or has multiple floors. In a smaller place, it’s great because you don’t have to navigate a vacuum around furniture and tight spaces. You take a lightweight hose (instead of a heavy, cumbersome upright or canister vacuum) from room to room, plugging it into the wall ports as you go. If you choose the Hide-A-Hose option, you don’t even need to carry the hose around because the retractable hose is stored inside the walls around the house. The ports can be installed in every room of the house, including the basement or garage. Central vacuum hoses come in various lengths to reach every area of your home.

Minimal Noise
Portable vacuums create a lot of noise when used because you are bringing the motor around the house with you. This can be frustrating if anyone else is home and trying to Central vacuums offer a quieter vacuuming experience because the motor is tucked away in your garage, basement, attic, or crawlspace. This makes it so whoever is vacuuming can hear what’s happening around them, and they can vacuum without disturbing everyone else in the house.

Central vacuums are much more versatile than traditional vacuums, and they can be used for more than just vacuuming carpets and floors. A central vacuum can vacuum furniture, ceiling
fans, drapes, windows, patios, and even the garage. You can use it to clean out vehicles, boats, and RVs without buying a separate, cumbersome vacuum for these areas. With the variety of interchangeable attachments and long hoses available, you can customize the system to suit your needs now and in the future.

Improved Air Quality
On average, we spend about 90% of our time indoors and indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Therefore, poor indoor air quality can cause all sorts of illnesses like asthma, repeated respiratory infections, and even lung cancer. Having a central vacuum system can reduce these risks by having fewer irritants in the air. One of the main causes of indoor allergies is dust mites in the home. There can be upwards of 100,000 dust mites in the average bed, and you don’t even want to know how many eggs a dust mite can lay in its lifetime or how much excrement it produces (which is full of allergens).

This is where a central vacuum system really stands apart from a traditional vacuum, which re- circulates the allergens right back into the air in the house through its exhaust. Central vacuums significantly reduce airborne pollutants in your home by pulling them out of your carpet and furnishings, through pipes in the walls, and into the main power unit tucked away in the garage, attic, or basement. The air is run through the filter in the unit before being pushed outside. Over the years, we have heard from so many of our clients that switched to a central vacuum that they cannot only feel the difference in the air, and those who suffer from allergies noticed fewer allergy symptoms, but they could actually see less dust on furniture, therefore, reducing the need to vacuum as often needed with their traditional vacuum.
Goodbye Dustpan
The option to install vacuum pans in any room with hard surface floors is a HUGE plus with central vacuums. Vac pans eliminate the need for using a dustpan, which can be messy and tedious. They also make it so you can sweep up piles of dirt without taking the vacuum or vacuum hose out. You simply use a broom to sweep the debris into the vacuum pan and watch it disappear.

Central vacuums have a larger motor than a traditional vacuum, so they are much more powerful. Traditional vacuums need to have small motors to be light enough to carry around the house. Since central vacuum units are housed in one location, the motor can be bigger and more powerful. The larger motor makes for more powerful suction, so central vacuums pick up more dust, pet dander, and allergens than traditional vacuums do. This is great news for allergy sufferers because central vacuum systems are a surefire way of removing those allergens from the air you breathe inside your house.
You may think that since upright vacuums initially cost less, they're easier on the pocket. However, think again. These vacuums aren't as sturdy and lasting as they used to be. Market pressures and manufacturing standards have changed the way these vacuums are built, so chances are you'll have to buy a new one every couple of years. Installing a central vacuum system may be more investment upfront, but it's a wiser investment because these systems are built to last for ten years or more. All you might need are different central vacuum parts if they wear down over time. You can easily purchase these parts here on our website, where you'll find motors, hoses, wands, and many fun accessories. Having a central vacuum also adds to the resale value of your house. Investing in this level of cleaning technology shows prospective buyers the commitment you as the homeowner has in meticulously caring for your property.