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Discover Why The NY Times Named SEBO "Best Vacuum 2024"

The New York Times Wirecutter has highlighted SEBO’s exceptional performance, emphasizing its unmatched durability and superior cleaning capabilities. Praised for their solid construction and powerful suction, SEBO vacuums have been recognized as the go-to choice for discerning homeowners who value quality and longevity. Experience the models celebrated for their ease of use, innovative design, and exceptional cleaning power that make SEBO synonymous with vacuuming excellence.

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Experience the SEBO Difference: Where Design Meets Durability

High-Quality Filtration System

Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, all SEBO vacuums feature Hospital-grade filtration using a 3-stage S-Class system inside a sealed vacuum that has been independently tested and proven to remove 99.9% of particles to 0.3 microns.

Automatic Height Adjustment

Designed for use on various floor types such as hardwood, carpet, and tile, SEBO powerheads feature adjustable height settings and brush rolls that toggle on or off for smooth transitions between surfaces.

Durability and Reliability

Built to last, with a focus on high-quality engineering and materials. Used in commercial settings, such as hotels and offices, which speaks to their durability and reliability.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Easy-to-change filters and bags, and parts that commonly wear out, like brush rolls and belts, can be replaced easily by the user. This ease of maintenance extends the life of the vacuum and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Explore the SEBO Airbelt E Series: Redefining Vacuums with Exceptional Performance and Design

The Airbelt E Series showcases three mid-size canister models, each boasting robust power and whisper-quiet operation. These vacuum cleaners not only excel with their sleek contours and sophisticated design but also offer practical features, such as on-board attachments, a spacious .92-gallon bag, and a long 37-foot cleaning radius. Enjoy smooth maneuverability thanks to protective rubber-coated wheels and a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections.

The Sebo Airbelt E1 Kombi, E2 Turbo and E3 Premium

Airbelt E1 Kombi

The E1 Kombi is deal for handling both low pile rugs and hard floors. Includes a combination nozzle with retractable bristles for use on hard floors and low pile rugs. The E1 Kombi has a pre-motor filter, three-layer AeraPure™ bag, and an S-class exhaust microfilter in a tightly sealed casing. Additional features include a full bag or clog indicator, push-button cord rewinder, and a protective soft-foam bumper.

Airbelt E2 Turbo

The E2 Turbo elevates the standard set by the E1 Kombi, swapping out the combination nozzle for a dynamic air-driven turbo head, ideal for low pile rugs. It also boasts a specialized parquet brush, expertly crafted to care for hard floors, enhancing its versatility and performance.

Airbelt E3 Premium

Elevate your cleaning experience with the AIRBELT E3 Premium, the pinnacle of the E-Series. This model features a commercial-quality ET-1 electric power head that excels in pet hair removal and can navigate under furniture with ease, thanks to its super-low profile and 180° steering capability. The E3's unique dual-control handle integrates essential functions like a brush roller on/off switch and adjustable suction power, ensuring unparalleled ease and effectiveness in your cleaning routine.

Discover the Power of Clean with the SEBO AIRBELT K-Series

Experience the ultimate in cleaning efficiency with the SEBO AIRBELT K Series, a lineup of powerful, ultra-quiet mid-size canister vacuum cleaners designed for top-notch performance and ease of use. Each of the three AIRBELT K models boasts a suite of premium features including three convenient on-board attachments, a spacious .8-gallon bag, and a generous 25-foot cord coupled with a 37-foot cleaning radius. Their rubber-coated wheels are designed to protect all floor types, while the durable telescopic tube ensures quick-release connections for a seamless cleaning experience.

Not only do these models excel in functionality with their full bag or clog indicator and excellent filtration system, but they also come equipped with a tug-and-retract cord rewinder and a soft-foam bumper, safeguarding both the vacuum and your home from scratches.

Airbelt K2 Kombi and K2 Turbo

Choose from two straight-suction models: the AIRBELT K2 Kombi, featuring a versatile combination nozzle for rugs and hard floors, and the AIRBELT K2 Turbo, which includes an air-driven turbo head ideal for rugs and a parquet brush for delicate hard floors. Both models offer a suction-control knob on the canister body for customized cleaning power.

For those seeking the ultimate in cleaning technology, the AIRBELT K3 Premium is unmatched. It comes equipped with a parquet brush and the commercial-quality ET-1 electric power head that not only cleans carpets and hard floors effectively but also excels in removing pet hair.

The power head's low 3.5-inch profile and tool-free brush roller removal make it easy to maintain, while its automatic shut-off feature prevents damage from brush roller obstructions. The K3’s innovative dual-control handle enhances maneuverability and control, making it effortless to steer and adjust on the fly.

Experience unparalleled cleaning with the SEBO Airbelt D Series

Airbelt D1 Turbo

The AIRBELT D1 Turbo is a versatile and efficient vacuum perfect for keeping your home or business pristine. Designed to tackle both rugs and hard floors, it features a dynamic air-driven turbo head that revitalizes rugs and a specialized parquet brush that protects and cleans hard surfaces with ease. 

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the D1 Turbo comes equipped with a telescopic tube and a flexible suction hose, ensuring you can reach every corner effortlessly. The intuitive suction control is strategically located on the canister body for easy adjustment, and an LED indicator lights up to show when the device is powered on, enhancing convenience.

The D4 model features a commercial-grade ET-1 electric power head with a 12-inch width, efficient at cleaning both carpets and hard floors. It easily removes pet hair, offers four-level manual brush height adjustment, and 180⁰ steering for superior maneuverability.

The power head includes tool-free brush roller removal, a clog removal door, and a safety warning light with automatic shut-off for jams. It also has a light indicator for optimal brush height and brush replacement. The vacuum has an LED display for monitoring suction power across settings, with slow rotation at lower settings, faster rotation at higher settings, and a blinking standby mode. 

The dual-control handle provides easy suction adjustment for various cleaning needs and includes an on/off switch for the power head's brush roller for delicate cleaning tasks like fine rugs.