GVac Kits: Perfectly Curated for Every Home Size

Welcome to our GVac Central Vacuum Kits, where spotless floors meet seamless cleaning solutions. Our all-in-one GVac kits are designed to cater to every cleaning need, offering customized options for homes and businesses of all sizes. Embrace the ease and efficiency of a comprehensive cleaning system tailored to your space. 

GVac Lite Kits - Ideal for Small Homes

For smaller residences, the GVac Lite series offers an effective and streamlined approach to maintaining cleanliness. Equipped with the DUOVAC SIMPLICI-T Central Vacuum Unit, these kits stand out for their compactness, quiet performance, and efficient filtration, ensuring that carpets and bare floors alike remain impeccably clean. Each kit comes complete with an array of tools specifically chosen for targeted cleaning tasks, from tackling dense carpets to gentle upholstery care, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution.

GVac Lite for Bare Floors Only: Designed exclusively for bare floor maintenance in smaller homes, with essential tools for a spotless finish.

GVac Lite with Bare Floor Powerhead: Has everything needed for a small home to make it easy to keep bare floors and low-pile carpets clean.

GVac Lite with Standard Powerhead: Perfect for compact homes, featuring the DUOVAC SIMPLICI-T Central Vacuum Unit and a standard powerhead for thorough plush carpet and bare floor cleaning.

GVac Lite with Sebo Powerhead: Elevate your cleaning with the SEBO ET Series Powerhead, offering unmatched reliability and maintenance-free operation for small spaces.

GVac Kits - Ideal for Medium to Large Homes

For those with medium to large homes, the GVac series delivers a robust cleaning solution. With options like the standard and Sebo Powerhead kits, these sets include the powerful VACUMAID SR-66 Central Vacuum Unit, designed to handle spaces up to 10,000 square feet efficiently. Including high-performance powerheads and a suite of cleaning tools, these kits offer flexibility and comprehensive care for all floor types.

GVac for Bare Floors Only: Tailored for extensive bare floor areas, ensuring flawless cleanliness with the powerful VacuMaid SR-66 unit.

GVac with Bare Floor Powerhead: A comprehensive cleaning solution for homes and businesses up to 10,000 sq ft, featuring a powerful VacuMaid SR-66 central vacuum with HEPA filtration and various tools for immaculate cleaning of low-pile carpets and bare floors.

GVac with Standard Powerhead:Keep both carpets and bare floors pristine in larger homes or businesses, powered by the robust VacuMaid SR-66.

GVac with Sebo Powerhead:A comprehensive solution for up to 10,000 square feet, featuring the VacuMaid SR-66 Central Vacuum Unit paired with the SEBO powerhead for exceptional cleaning across all floor types.

GVac Pro Kits - Ideal for Very Large Homes and Businesses 

At the pinnacle of our range, the GVac Pro kits cater to the largest homes and businesses. Available for bare floors and equipped with the Sebo Powerhead for unparalleled pet hair removal and floor care, these kits feature the Vacumaid SR 800 Central Vacuum High Power Unit. Optimized for up to 12,000 square feet, these kits promise unmatched cleaning prowess, durability, and a wide array of tools to address any cleaning challenge head-on.

GVac Pro for Bare Floors Only: Designed for spaces up to 12,000 square feet, this kit includes the high-power VacuMaid SR 800 unit for unparalleled bare floor maintenance.

GVac Pro with Bare Floor Powerhead: A versatile central vacuum system ideal for large homes, businesses, and professional settings up to 12,000 sq ft, including a high-power VacuMaid SR 800 unit and electric bare floor powerhead, complemented by a suite of tools for effective cleaning of bare floors, low pile carpets, and various surfaces, backed by a 10-year warranty. 

GVac Pro with Standard Powerhead: The ultimate cleaning solution for large areas, combining deep cleaning power with extensive coverage.

GVac Pro with Sebo Powerhead: Experience top-tier cleaning performance across all floor types in the largest spaces with this premium kit.

GVac Pro DIY Built-In Vacuum Retractable Hose System: For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, the GVac Pro Built-In Vacuum Retractable Hose System offers an innovative cleaning solution that removes dust, debris, and allergens, ensuring a dust-free environment with simple installation and superior performance compared to portable vacuums. In addition to a central vacuum unit, hose, and cleaning attachments, this kit also comes with all the pipe and fittings needed it install a complete Retractable Hose System. 

Each GVac kit is meticulously designed to cater to a variety of home sizes and specific floor care needs, ensuring a tailored cleaning experience that leaves every corner of your home spotless.

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Central Vacuum Unit Kit Bare Floors Only GVac
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Commercial Central Vacuum system unit parts and accessories with white powerhead and black bag tools and wand on a gray background
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Central Vacuum system unit parts and accessories with white Sebo commercial powerhead and black bag tools and wand on a white background featuring the sebo powerhead in overlay with a powered 110v white hose
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Central Vacuum Unit Kit Sebo Powerhead GVac Pro

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