Central Vacuum Canavac 120v PC / Relay Board 040033

Central Vacuum Canavac 120v PC / Relay Board 040033

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Canavac PC/ Circuit board will fit the following models if your central vacuum is not making a clicking noise when the low voltage is activated you may need to replace this.

Cana-Vac 211-CRV
Cana-Vac 230-L
Cana-Vac 245-L
Cana-Vac 250-E
Cana-Vac 250-L
Cana-Vac 250-LS
Cana-Vac 250A
Cana-Vac 399-L
Cana-Vac 399-LS
Cana-Vac 399-X2
Cana-Vac 399A
Cana-Vac 511-LS
Cana-Vac 511-XLS
Cana-Vac 675-LS
Cana-Vac 700-CLS
Cana-Vac 700-LS
Cana-Vac 911-XLS (120V)
Cana-Vac C-725
Cana-Vac C-750
Cana-Vac CES-625
Cana-Vac CLS-750
Cana-Vac CV587
Cana-Vac CV687
Cana-Vac CV787
Cana-Vac E-425
Cana-Vac ES-525
Cana-Vac ES-625
Cana-Vac ES-725
Cana-Vac LS490
Cana-Vac LS550
Cana-Vac LS590
Cana-Vac LS650
Cana-Vac LS690
Cana-Vac LS750
Cana-Vac LS790
Cana-Vac XES-725
Cana-Vac XLS970
Cana-Vac XLS990

CentraLux 1590
Ecopure 245-ECP
Ecopure 399-ECP
Ecopure 511-ECP
Ecopure 700-ECP
Ecopure 700-ECPC
Ecopure 911-ECP

Electrolux 1590

Hayden SV50
Hayden SV70
Hayden SV90

NuTone PP500
NuTone PP600
NuTone PP650

RhinoVac 250R-L
RhinoVac 399R-Booster
RhinoVac 399R-L
RhinoVac 511R-XLS
RhinoVac 675R-LS
RhinoVac 700R-LS
Titan TCS-4702
Titan TCS-5702
Titan TCS-6602

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